Heavybuzz is a peer-to-peer marketing engine, for any business, product or service -- and, an instant payment platform for everyone else.

We are the brainchild of J.C. Harrison and his team of serial entrepreneurs who love to create solutions that help others to solve problems! Small problems, big problems – it doesn’t matter! We just loves to help, and we consider entrepreneurship as “the best job in the world” because we can actually get paid to help people!

The Heavybuzz ecosystem was originally started as a platform to help the music, film & fashion industries generate 100% free promotion, but we soon realized that we had accidentally solved a much bigger problem.


Our viral marketing program is a powerful, all-inclusive marketing solution that is affordable, yet effective! We offer a laser-targeted system of viral advertising, viral promotions, viral traffic, viral list-building, viral lead generation, viral reviews and viral sales -- for any business, product or service.

If you have a message that needs to be seen and heard by everybody, then we speak volumes.


Our viral commission program is a lucrative opportunity to earn instant, payments and referral fees, using an explosive, 3-tiered compensation plan. You simply share anything that matters to you and you can get paid -- all day, every day! Our system works online and in-person, so it’s the perfect solution for anybody looking to create additional sources of revenue. You ready share what matters on social media – why not get paid to do the same thing?

If money talk is your favorite language, then we speak volumes!


Our viral rewards program is fruitful system that rewards members with daily, cash & prizes for sharing what matters to others. There’s nothing better than a great incentive for someone to be called to action. Our system makes it easy to reward and get rewarded.

If you like the way daily cash, freebies and giveaways sounds, then we speak volumes!