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Heavybuzz is a revolutionary link sharing platform and a disruptive, peer-to-peer ad tech company that turns ANY link into a buzzable link, monetized by ads that pay you. We provide crowd-sourced advertising for any business, brand, product or service, and monetized link sharing for everyone that helps.


Generate links form anything that matters to you.


Post and share your links to any platform that matters to you.


Get paid automatically for views, clicks and referrals.

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Share every link you create in one place, at one time, with one link in your bio that pays.


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Add any link that matters to you, with one click


Your link pays you, just like the links rooted inside of it pays you.

Heavybuzz leverages a viral advertising and affiliate network with an explosive multi-tiered pay plan. Sign up to monetize your social networks like a major “Influencer”, no matter how many fans or followers you have. Simply share any link that matters to YOU and automatically get paid for views, clicks, referrals and sales.

Heavybuzz is like Uber® and Airbnb®, but instead of sharing your car or house... you get paid to share any link that matters to you, via social media, email, smartphones and word-of-mouth!


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Completely automated by our
Viral swarm technology™

Our patent-pending, Viral Swarm Technology™ makes all the magic happen. It's powerfully effective and automates the entire viral chain reaction from start to finish! Simply share anything that matters to YOU:

Create incentived buzzable from your shared content

We instantly create an incentivized "buzzable" link with a viral rewards plan and viral commission plan attached.

Track unique url

We track its unique url across the globe, for views, clicks and re-shares.

collect payments and commissions

We automatically collect any payments, commissions, cash, prizes and giveaways, and distribute them to you.

process all instant peer to peer incentives

We process all instant payouts and rewards using our instant distribution platform.

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Viral Commission. Viral Marketing.

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You share on social media for free already. Let's get paid to do the exact same thing!

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You simply share anything that matters to you. Instant monetization is 100% automated.

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Every link you share is simultaneously connected to multiple streams of monetization.

Explosive Profits Anytime, Anywhere

Our flexible monetization plans generate money for you all day, everyday... even while you sleep.

Instant Payments With No Minimums Or Limits

You get paid-on-demand. Simply request a wallet transfer and you can instantly cash out via Paypal.

No Experience Or Special Skills Necessary

Anybody can make money with Heavybuzz™. It's perfect for seasoned vets or newbies.

No Meetings. No Quotas. No Recruiting.

You are not required to attend meetings, meet quotas or recruit members, to earn with Heavybuzz.

No Investment Needed To Start Making Money

You can join Heavybuzz™ for free as long as you have a valid invite from an existing active member.

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What are you waiting for? You already share links for free everyday, so why not get paid to do the same thing?

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